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about Healthy Eating

You might find healthy eating to be naturally easy, but even if you eat whole foods and think you’re following a wholesome diet, you may not be getting all of the nutrients you need.

Learn how to eat nutritiously when eating out, about juicing, fasting, and healthy aging.

In this website you will discover healthy food recipes for your healthy family, get tips for motivation to stay the course, be pointed towards helpful health books, and find out what genetically modified foods are all about.

This website was created to help you learn more nutrition facts… for example, about the difference between complex carbohydrates and simple carbohydrates, about antioxidants and phytochemicals, get the facts about protein and dairy products. (Many people are concerned about getting enough protein on a vegetarian diet.)

Tofu Spinach Benedicts

Would you like some dinner recipe ideas or suggestions for healthy school lunches? Tips for a menu for healthy eating during the holidays? You will find nutritious and tasty recipes here.

Citrus with Chia Seed

Various Healthy Diet Plans

Are you curious about different ways of eating healthfully?

On this website, you will find information about

  • detox diets
  • vegetarian diets
  • what a vegan diet is
  • learn what raw foods are all about
  • gain an understanding of the Rave Diet and living foods

My Story

I'd like to make this disclaimer right up front. I'm not a registered dietician or a clinical nutritionist. However, I have studied nutrition for over 30 years and practiced as a chiropractor for many years, with an emphasis in nutrition.

This website is editorial in nature. I'm sharing what I've learned, continue to learn, and the opinions that I've formed from my research and experience. You may disagree with me, have a comment to make, support my conclusions, or have a question. I welcome your input.

I was raised on the Standard American Diet (SAD), with meat and dairy at nearly every meal, followed by a sugary, fatty dessert. When I changed my diet from SAD to nutritious whole foods, nagging health problems cleared up. Constipation disappeared, along with a chronic sinus condition. Maintaining a healthy weight became much easier.

My passion...

...over the ensuing years has been nutrition and food and helping people learn how their own health and well being can be enhanced through following healthy eating guidelines health and well being can be enhanced through healthy eating and following a healthful lifestyle.

This website is for you and your family, to help you attain and maintain a state of vigor and healthiness.

Tomatoes on a Window Sil

Visit this page if you'd like to see an index of vegetarian recipes that are found in the pages of this site.

Please make yourself at home, browse through the pages, sign up for my newsletter, or send me a question or comment through the contact form. And bookmark the site, because I update it and add new material frequently.

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